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Floorbase OM55N-D Multibrackets MB-7352

Cod produs: STDLCD-MB-7352
Producator: Multibrackets
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M Pro Series - Floorbase OM55N-D - Mounting component ( mounting base ) - steel - black
The M Pro Series - Floorbase OM55N-D is an optional accessory for the OMND Stand series.

The product adds a floorbase to the standard floormount base included and can then creates a non-movable base for the M Public Display Stand.
This is ideal if the M Public Display Stand should not be drilled to its position.

The M Pro Series - Floorbase OM55N-D. Designed for public use its footprint is suitable to fit most situations in public areas where safety is of highest importance.



M Pro Series - Floorbase OM55N-D
Article No: 7 350 073 737 352
Type: Part for M Pro Series
Suitable for:: %7369
Material: Steel
Color: Black
Surface Finish: Powder coating
Weight: 2 kg
Measurements 780x540x20mm
Max Load: 60 kg
Installation: Mount to floor


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Floorbase OM55N-D Multibrackets MB-7352
Floorbase OM55N-D Multibrackets MB-7352
1,499.99 lei
944.86 lei

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