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Stand TV mobil Multibrackets cu fct. de contrabalansare 7758, 32"-110", 90 Kg, Negru

Cod produs: STDLCD-MB-7758
Producator: Multibrackets

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M Counterbalanced Floorstand HD 60-90kg - Stand kit ( floor stand ) for LCD / LED panel - black - screen size: 32" - 110" - mounting interface: max 1040 x 900 mm

It’s never been this easy to move a large size display or touch screen up and down. Made to fit most public environments and perfect in meeting rooms, and other educational.
Introducing the M Counterbalanced Floorstand 60-90 kg is designed to provide assisted lifting force and mid-span balancing, allowing safety and usability for any user in front of a large size display.

The M Counterbalanced Floorstand a Dynamic Height adjustable portable TV cart for Interactive display panel allows users to raise and lower large displays with only a light effort to varied vertical positions. With a vertical movement range of 500 mm the M Counterbalanced Floorstand is the perfect for stand for schools using interactive displays where small children need to reach the interactive panel. The portable design lets you wheel your display from room to room and lockable wheels secures the stand in fixed position. Faster and easier than traditional electric mounts with no power required.



  • Features effortless up and down movement of a display
  • Neutralizes the weight of the screen
  • Fully smooth up and down motion and stopping
  • Holds securely in any position
  • Totally Quiet operation
  • Creates a weightless feeling
  • Completely maintenance free
  • Manufactured without compressed gases, oils and service schedules
  • Amazing finish stainless steel
  • 5-years warranty

Using high quality wheels the mobile floorstand can easily pass through doorways and over thresholds. Multibrackets has incorporated a clever wheelbase making it possible for the user to get very close to the screen. Holding a wide range of VESA specifications it can hold near any large screen the market has to offer. This product ideal for use anywhere where a screen needs to be moved often, or alternate heights for presentations are needed, or where the screen might be needed to be locked away after usage.

Specificatii tehnice:
For screen size: 32" - 110"
Mounting holes (VESA): min 30x50 mm
max 1040x900 mm
Article No: 7 350 073 737 758
Colour: Black
Max load: 90 kg
Height adjustment: 500 mm
Motor: No, easy manual movement
Tilt/Swivel: No
Installation: Floorstand
Dimension: (WxHxD) 1080x750x1910 mm
Weight: 61 kg



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Specificatii tehnice

Diagonala minima (inch) 32
Culoare NEGRU
Montare pe podea
Prindere podea mobil pe roti
Suport displayuri multiple NU
Motorizat NU
Diagonala maxima (inch) 110
Greutate maxima suportata (kg) 90
Compatibilitate VESA 1040 x 900

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Stand TV mobil Multibrackets cu fct. de contrabalansare 7758, 32\"-110\", 90 Kg, Negru
Stand TV mobil Multibrackets cu fct. de contrabalansare 7758, 32"-110", 90 Kg, Negru
8,999.99 lei

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