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Stand TV motorizat Multibrackets 9073, pentru Samsung Flip 2, Max 50 KG, 42"- 100" cu cabinet si suport camera web

Cod produs: STDLCD-MB-9073
Part no: 7350073739073
EAN: 7350073739073
Producator: Multibrackets
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M Motorized Floorstand Flip 2 incl cabinet & camerashelf 120kg White - Stand kit ( floor stand )  for Samsung Flip 2 (max load 50kg) and LCD/LED screen 42"-100" (max load 120kg) - VESA: 200x200-400x400 - white

Are you in the need of a motorized mobile solution that allows a single screen to be moved into many rooms ? We might just have the solution for you. This clean designed yet robust and stabile motorized mobile floorstand prevents the touch screen from shaking when being used. The usage of heavy duty dual powered motor and German made high performance wheels makes it easy to move the screen up and down and from room to room. The electrical height adjustment also makes it easy to adjust to be always on par with the audience.

The M Motorized Floorstands are fully compatible with both the 55” model Samsung Flip 2 WM55R and the 65” model Samsung Flip 2 WM65R. Added you can of course use the stands with all screens that the standard VESA are compliant with. Now or later.

The new Samsung Flip 2 55” or 65” combined with our Motorized stands creates even greater possibilities than if they are used by themselves. The Samsung Flip 2 can be used for a wide range of business applications, providing embedded versatile templates. You can use the Flip as a calendar, scheduler, note or checklist board. Samsung Flip perfectly matches any business need, enabling users to utilize the display in various customized ways. The Motorized stand will make the Flip 2 set in an height and user, wheter its in portait or landscape mode, the possibilities to get a perfect position for your Flip 2 increases, and its changeable in just seconds!


Introducing the all new M Motorized Floorstand Flip 2 120 kg White. This product incorporates design with rounded edges and overall features giving a softer, professional feel that fits well in corporate and classroom environments. The height of the often large size displays can easily be adjusted by one person via the remote control. Never has a perfect viewing angle been so easy to achieve. No technical know how or previous usage is needed to control the M Motorized Floorstand. Just set it at the height needed - and go!

The motor-driven height adjustment allow you to move the display up or down to a suitable height for any presentation or digital signage situation. The wide reach up or down makes it suitable for both a sitting or standing audience, making this product a perfect multifunctional solution for any need.

Using high quality TENTE wheels this mobile floorstand can easily pass through doorways and over thresholds. Multibrackets has incorporated a clever wheelbase making it possible for the user to get very close to the screen. Holding a wide range of VESA specifications up to 800x400 with optional accessory it can hold near any large screen the market has to offer.


  • Works with 55” Samsung Flip 2 WM55R and 65” Samsung Flip 2 WM65R
  • Motorized height adjustment in landscape and portait mode
  • Adjust to a perfect height in just seconds
  • Holds up to 120kg and VESA 800x400
  • Holds up to 50kg and VESA 400x400 with flip function
  • Motorized movement for a perfect position
  • A quiet electrical motor is discreetly concealed
  • Optimized for any audience, standing or sitting
  • Easily pass through doorways and over thresholds
  • German made TENTE wheels
  • A variety of accessories available
  • Smart installation reduces installation time
Colour: White
For screen size: 42"-100"
Flip function: 50"-95"
Mounting holes (VESA): Stand: 100 - 800 /100 - 400 mm
Flip function: 200x200, 300x300, 400x400, 600x400 mm
Max load: 120 kg (Flip function: 50kg)
Power Supply: Input: 110/240 VAC
Output: 32 VDC
Standby: 0.1 W
Certificates:CB, UL, CE
Motor: Yes, Push Force:800N
Constant Speed:35mm/s
Duty cycle: 2 min On, 18 min Off
Remote control: Yes (wired)
Height adjustment: 500 mm
Trolley: 4x TENTE wheels with brake.
Wheels tested according to DIN EN 12528 specifications.
Cable management: Yes
Dimension: (WxHxD) 1007x1519x908 mm
Cabinet Inner Dimension: (WxHxD) 393x459x163 mm
Weight: 47 kg


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Specificatii tehnice

Prindere podea mobil pe roti
Diagonala minima (inch) 42
Culoare ALB
Montare pe podea
Reglabil pe inaltime DA
Motorizat DA
Diagonala maxima (inch) 100
Greutate maxima suportata (kg) 50
Suport Motorizat DA

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Stand TV motorizat Multibrackets 9073, pentru Samsung Flip 2, Max 50 KG, 42\"- 100\" cu cabinet si suport camera web
Stand TV motorizat Multibrackets 9073, pentru Samsung Flip 2, Max 50 KG, 42"- 100" cu cabinet si suport camera web
7,799.99 lei

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