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Ecran de proiectie Floor Up TAB Tensionat EliteScreens 222 x 125, ALR dedicat pentru videoproiectoarele UST, 16:9

Cod produs: 16/9POD220-FTE100H2-CLR
Part no: FTE100H2-CLR
EAN: 6944904407852
Livrare standard 19.9 lei

Bucuresti, Brates 16 La comanda

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14,999.99 lei

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Elite ProAV has a commercial grade ambient light rejecting, motorized floor rising projector screen that has earned the designation of (CLR®) for its ability to mitigate high levels of overhead or “ceiling” light. The Kestrel Tab-Tension CLR® Series is suited for ultra-short throw projection applications in meeting or living room spaces. It is the ideal non-invasive solution for environments with bright room lighting or if wall-ceiling installations are impractical. Under normal lighting conditions, matte white screens present a milky, washed-out image. Kestrel Tab-Tension CLR® allows a larger than life display with “TV-Screen” brightness to appear at the press of a button regardless if the lights are on or off.

The StarBright CLR® material is configured in a tab-tensioned format to ensure a taut and flat projection surface suitable for Ultra Short throw Projectors. In addition to this, the screen is masked with black borders on all sides to enhance perceived contrast. Each screen is backed by Elite ProAV’s 5-year premium manufacturer’s warranty and its professional support team.

Screen Material

  • StarBright CLR Ceiling Light Rejecting material absorbs up to 95% of overhead lighting
  • Crafted for use with UST (ultra-short throw) table-top projectors
  • 100x contrast enhancement over standard matte white projector screens
  • Multi-layered optical microstructures filter out ambient light for superior image brightness and performance
  • Reflective layer concentrates projected light back to viewer and does not scatter throughout the room
  • Ultra-wide viewing angle allows viewers to spread out while maintaining uniform picture quality
  • Material enhances lifelike image performance with superb color fidelity, contrast and black/white dynamic range
  • Black-backing eliminates light penetration
  • Available in the following range of diagonal sizes:
    • 100″ and 120″ in 16:9 aspect ratio

Design and Control System

  • Rises and lowers using “scissor-backed” cross spring risers
  • Project from within a short distance without shadowing the picture
  • Specially designed for table-top ultra-short throw projectors
  • Built-in Infrared and Radio Frequency (IR/RF) receivers
  • Includes USB rechargeable IR/RF remote controls with cradle holders for wall placement
  • Plug & Play ready, no hardwired installation required

Quality and Reliability

  • Tubular motor allows swift operation with a superior weight tolerance and operational lifespan
  • 2-year premium manufacturer’s warranty
  • Lifetime tech support by Elite ProAV’s professional AV team through email, web chat or toll-free service

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Specificatii tehnice

Lungime carcasa: 247.4 cm
Vizibil: 221.4 x 124.5 cm
Bordura Neagra DA
Electric DA
Telecomanda DA
Ecran rama fixa NU
Tip proiectie Ambient light rejecting
Format ecran 16:9
Montaj ecran trepied/podea

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Ecran de proiectie Floor Up TAB Tensionat EliteScreens 222 x 125, ALR dedicat pentru videoproiectoarele UST, 16:9
Ecran de proiectie Floor Up TAB Tensionat EliteScreens 222 x 125, ALR dedicat pentru videoproiectoarele UST, 16:9
14,999.99 lei

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