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Solutie Videowall 3x3 cu stand mobil Vogel's PFT8810 si 9 Display-uri Samsung UH46F5

Cod produs: Pac-PFT8810+9xUH46F5

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PFT 8810 este un trolley potrivit pentru video-wall-urile 3x3, cu ecrane cu dimensiuni intre 46 de inci si 55 de inci. Ecranul este usor de asamblat in 30 de minute sau mai putin. Rotile rezistente si mari heavy-duty fac posibila manevrarea pe orice suprafata. Partea de jos a trolley-ului este extrem de solida si are o functie de depozitare a echipamentului A/V sau IT. Rotile permit o manevrare simpla si rapida, asigurand o pozitionare precisa chiar si in cele mai aglomerate spatii. 


Pentru prezenta solutie folosim 9 display-uri Samsung UH46F5

- Captivating UHD video wall facilitated by daisy-chaining through leveraging of Signage Player Box (Tizen 2.4)
- Slim depth (47.6mm), narrow bezel (5.5mm) and light weight (13.5kg) for simplified installation and disassembly
- Brightness uniformity and color accuracy with Samsung Color Expert Technology and factory calibration
- Highly reliable 24/7 operation, with no risk of panel darkening thanks to its distinguished panel quality


Accommodate Users who Place a Premium on Simplified Installation and Disassembly

Samsung’s UHF5 Series video walls are designed for optimized user assembly and disassembly. A reduction in thickness (by more than 50 percent) and weight (by more than 40 percent) makes the displays easier to transport and install. To further simplify the process, an optional wall mount ensures that the video wall remains stable and adherent to any surface. The alignment of the UHF5 Series displays (47.9mm) and wall mounts (39.9mm) accommodates Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations which mandate that video walls remain within four inches of a surface to minimize fall risks.


Realize the Ease of UHD Video Wall Implementation

By condensing several essential video wall components into a unified platform, Samsung’s UHF5 Series helps users achieve the coveted UHD content standard with less effort required. A compatible Signage Player Box (Tizen 2.4) delivers immersive, captivating content across video wall configurations as large as 5x5 in size. Through harmonious daisy-chaining, users can share seamless, crisp video content that extends across all screens without interruption. Furthermore, the Signage Player Box doubles as a media player backed by a powerful Quad Core CPU and featuring multi-source switching functionalities. Overall, this versatile composition prevents users from having to purchase additional equipment and represents a cost-efficient alternative.

Achieve Accurate Color Presentation through Samsung’s Advanced Calibration Technology

Samsung’s UHF5 Series displays undergo rigorous factory calibration using precise sensors and the latest software to fine-tune display presentation beyond what customers typically expect. The ensuing result enhances white balance for the delivery of more impactful, unified UHD messages. For customers seeking even more sophisticated calibration, the UHF5 Series comes complete with an Advanced Color Management (ACM) Chipset and Samsung Color Expert Software that can optimze display settings.

Enable Enduring Video Wall Performance through Excellent Panel Quality

As users require continuous long-term video wall performance in a range of environments, display durability is essential for success. Samsung’s UHF5 Series video walls overcome many common user challenges to ensure unwavering 24/7 performance. Through exhaustive testing, Samsung’s video wall panels are reinforced to shield screens against panel darkening. Additionally, each video wall contains black, mura-free panels to prevent backlight non-uniformity and subsequent visual distraction. These features, coupled with the ongoing support of Samsung’s dedicated customer service team, reduce maintenance for users while delivering images at superior quality.


Simplified Installation due to Special Wall Mount

UHF5 Series users can bypass any perceived installation and layout challenges through the use of Samsung’s special wall mounts. These optional wall mounts accommodate a variety of video wall sizes and configurations, creating new opportunities for creative and captivating display arrangements. By reducing the time and labor required to set up and break down video walls, the compatible wall mounts improve overall efficiency while allowing users to focus on other critical business matters.


Deliver Compelling Content at Reduced Energy Expense

To further validate their efficient performance, Samsung’s UHF5 Series video walls have achieved Energy Star 7.0 certification. This achievement signifies an environmentally-friendly composition and content delivery procedures requiring minimal resources or emissions. Beyond representing a sustainable alternative, Samsung’s certified UHF5 Series displays significantly reduce energy expenses – and related maintenance – for users



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Solutie Videowall 3x3 cu stand mobil Vogel\'s PFT8810 si 9 Display-uri Samsung UH46F5
Solutie Videowall 3x3 cu stand mobil Vogel's PFT8810 si 9 Display-uri Samsung UH46F5
68,499.90 lei
58,999.99 lei

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