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Microfon Conferinta Dante DSPPA DT4200P
Microfon Conferinta Dante DSPPA DT4200P

Microfon Conferinta Dante DSPPA DT4200P

Cod produs: AUDM-DSP-DT4200P
Producator: DSPPA

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DT4200P is a desktop microphone with the function of Dante, which is suitable for quick installation of any gooseneck microphone with XLRM cannon head. The microphone holder has a light touch switch, and the red LED indicator shows the status of the microphone. Design of microphones is elegant, ergonomic and modern. The bottom is equipped with silicone foam cushioning pads, which can reduce the noise generated by desktop vibration. Inconspicuous color and frosted black coating can enhance the concealment of use in serious situations. The microphone holder is designed to be applied on flat surface, providing high quality and professional audio recording, TV broadcast, small and medium sized meeting, and remote teaching.


● It is well designed according to the principle of electroacoustics, with good frequency response characteristics
● Advanced surface processing technology, flexible hose processing method, feel good when bending
● Applicable to all kinds of speeches, conferences, public broadcasting and sound amplification projects
● Connectable to Ethernet directly without adding welding audio cable
● Ethernet gigabit standard +48V POE power supply.


Name of index

Index parameter



Output frequency response

50Hz-12kHz (±3dB)

Static Consumption


Max Consumption




Crosstalk attenuation


Harmonic distortion


Working Power

+48V POE Power

Phantom power supply

DC +24V

Unit interface

Network port


Microphone type

Electret cardioid capacitor type.





Input resistance


 Equivalent noise




Out packing size (mm)


 Machine size(mm)


Gross weight

1 KG

Net weight


Desen tehnic


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Microfon Conferinta Dante DSPPA DT4200P
Microfon Conferinta Dante DSPPA DT4200P
1,299.99 lei

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